Trip or vacation planning is THE most important factor in ensuring that your travel goes well. Perhaps you hardly notice when a trip is well planned, but you definitely do notice when it’s not! Imagine you’ve just arrived at your destination airport, it’s almost midnight, and you can’t find the representative of the transfer company that was going to meet you. If you’ve done your planning, the emergency phone number will be at your fingertips. If you haven’t, there’s no knowing where it might be! Good planning can take all the stress out of traveling, and it can also keep your costs well under control. Planning begins from the very first moment, when you’re still deciding where to go. Good destination planning takes into account the preferences and likes of each of the members of the travel group and any physical limitations. Deciding on the general destination (e.g. country or region) is usually not difficult, but putting together a detailed itinerary is another matter. You need to work out the order of the visits, how long to stay in each place, the essential sights and monuments, etc. Once you’ve decided on the where, you need to think about the when. Or, if the dates of your vacation have been fixed for you, the “when” will actually dictate the “where”. If you have to take your vacation in December, it’s not usually a good idea to arrange a beach holiday in the northern hemisphere. This is an extreme example, but it shows that each destination has its optimum moment, and you need to be sure you know it.

Now that you know where and when you’re going, it’s time to give some thought to how. Most international trips are made nowadays by plane, but you may find reasons to justify taking a boat, or driving. And, once you’re there, how are you going to move around? Is the public transport good enough, and fast enough, or will you lose too much time that way? Is it safe to hire a self-drive car? What will be the best type of baggage to take with you for the type of traveling you’re going to do? Backpacks, suitcases? Etc. For more information on travel tours, visit

Unbelievably summer is just around the corner. I know it seems far off, especially with half the country living in the Arctic tundra under 20 inches of snow. But it’s true, in just three months it will be time to start hauling out the bikes, boats and summer attire, because summer will announce itself with the traditional holiday weekend of Memorial Day weekend. Have you started making plans for those adventure trips, camping and beach house rental? I started thinking about this shortly after my daughter and I planned our spring break vacation. I decided that I would put together a shortlist of destinations for her to consider. I needed the list to be broad because who knows today what a teenager, she is about to turn 16, wants to do at any given moment. Here is a list of destinations that made the cut. We are big campers and love to find those great RV Parks throughout the country. A fellow RVer friend of mine that will Rent an RV today told me about Ginnie Springs RV Park located on the Santa Fé River in Hot Springs, Florida. Talk about a great destination. Ginnie Springs offers you a choice of kayaking, river tubing, canoeing, swimming, snorkeling and volleyball. This park has seven freshwater springs, 90 campsites and 200 acres of land to see the very best in what Mother Nature has to offer. The $20.40 per person rate for RV campers includes daily admission to the park. Children are just $6.00 and children under six are FREE.

Another fantastic destination for RV vacations is the Wisconsin Dells. Visit the Mt. Olympus Resort and enjoy the indoor and outdoor water parks, the wave pools, the family river rapids and the very first, not-to-be-missed, upside down wooden roller coaster. Talk about fun! Have you considered Sarasota, FL? With its’ white sand beaches and inviting waters this is a beautiful options for that beach vacation. Some fun options for the kids are the Ringling Museum or Horseback Riding at the Myakka River State Park. Did you know there are six islands just off the Sarasota coast line? Siesta Key voted number one beach in Dr Beach’s magazine also has crystal white sand and the ever-popular Turtle beach. Lido Key is known for hiking while Longboat Key is known for tennis, para-sailing and kayaking. On the Venice Key, you can search for shark teeth and bring your dog along because Caspersen Beach has the Brohard Paw Park where Fido can play in the surf as well. On Manasota Key, you can avoid the crowds by going to the secluded Blind Pass Beach and Stump Pass Beach or head over to Casey Key for the North Jetty Park and Nokoma Beach.

There are hundreds of different locations for summer vacations and this is just a sampling of what the short list of destinations can include. Knowing my daughter though, she will have a short list of her own! Ronald Silbermann has a combined, extensive work experience in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. He has made a mission out of introducing the American Adventure Traveler to all this country has to offer for a fun-filled vacation of heart-stopping adventure experiences. Rentzio is part of a vision to build a reputation on not only offering the traveler Recreational Vehicle rentals, but showing them the many options on where to go and how to turn their adventure vacation into a memorable one. Rentzio is the premier aggregation for rental agencies and individual owners to rent out RV’s, motor homes, trailers, snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, bikes, watercraft and vacation homes.

Everyone needs a vacation every now and then but most people are concerned about cost. Regardless of the duration of your travels it can become quite expensive. Both expected and unexpected costs tend to accumulate quickly. Plan ahead, create a budget and consider the following tips to help save you money every time you travel. Booking ahead can end up saving you quite a bit of cash. Browse ahead of time online to find the best deal and book before prices start to go up. Compare costs online to get the best deal. You may be able to receive a discount by booking early and won’t have to worry about losing out on the flight. Also check if there is another airport within a reasonable distance and compare costs. Often flying out of a less convenient location can end up saving you big. Try booking last minute. As long as you don’t mind where and when you go, booking last minute can save you a tonne of money. If you’ve already booked your flight, be willing to give up your seat. Sometimes a flight gets overbooked and giving up your seat usually qualifies you for some sort of discount, perks, or even a free flight.

Plan and book all accommodations and activities ahead of time to ensure staying within your budget. By finding hotels last minute and doing everything on a whim you will end up blowing your budget and paying more than necessary. Knowing what you are paying for and what to expect ahead of time is key to staying on budget. Most airlines charge a fee for checked baggage. Check ahead with airlines to find what their baggage allowance is and don’t exceed the limit. Be realistic and pack only the essentials to save money on your trip. No one wants to lug around a tonne of luggage on their vacation anyway. Overnight and early morning flights are often cheaper. If you don’t mind adding a few hours to your travels and would like to save then compare the costs of direct and non-direct flights. Non-direct are often quite a bit cheaper than direct flights.

Bring everything you need with you rather than purchasing items at the airport or on the plane. Standard items for sale in an airport are going to cost you a lot more than they would at home. Bringing your own reading material and snacks will save you money. Compare the costs of car rentals – renting a car right from the airport is convenient but that convenience is going to cost you. Compare airport car rental costs to that of a car rental not on location. You can save a tonne of money just by picking it up a bit further away. Staying in hostels is also a great way to save money while traveling. If you’ve never stayed in a hostel you may be hesitant, but hostels have everything you need for a comfortable nights stay and are a lot cheaper than hotels. Stay in a hostel rather than a hotel and you will save huge.